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Belt drier for gasification process in Vancouver, Canada

Belt drier for gasification process in Vancouver, Canada


Belt drier for gasification process in Vancouver, Canada
The University of British Columbia (UBC) strives for an ambitious aim – an autarkic energy supply of the complete campus. For this, a power supply system based on biomass will be installed on site. The biomass – mainly wood chips from the forest – will be transformed into power and heat in a university-owned tank. As the process can be realized only with dried goods, STELA came into play.
The characteristic of the STELA drier is the low temperature used here. In a first step, hot water of only 39 °C is used to heat up the drying air. Only in the second step, the increased water temperature of 85 °C comes into play. Thus, almost 80 °C air temperature altogether will be achieved in the drier.
The belt drier will be controlled by the latest PLC technology and will be able to communicate with the biomass tank. As required, the machine can also be serviced directly from Massing via the standard telemaintenance.

We are glad and exceptionally proud that we can support the UBC in their noble aims of a CO2 neutral campus.

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